3D Motion Capture Software Assessment – FAQ’s

What is involved with completing a 3D Motion Capture Assessment?

Using Kinetisense 360 software program, it identifies the major joints of the client’s body appropriate to the particular assessment.  Next, the client performs the exercise to be assessed.  Once complete, the objective results of how the client executed the exercise are saved.

What types of assessments can be done with the software?

Posture, balance, movements and range of motion.

How long does an assessment take?

It depends on the assessment. For Posture or Range of Motion, about 20 seconds.  Balance has 3 stances for 20 seconds each, whether standard, or concussion protocols, BESS or SCAT5.  KAMS (Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen) is a series of 12 functional movements, taking about 8 minutes to complete.

What should I wear?

Lighter colored, fitted exercise clothing works best.  Fitted shorts & a tank top are great, however if that doesn’t suit you, fitted exercise pants & a fitted short sleeve exercise shirt can work.  All assessments are best done in bare feet. If this doesn’t work for you, light colored, very low footies may be worn.  Jewelry, hats & glasses must be removed.  Long hair should be worn in a ponytail.

What kind of results are produced?

All assessments look at how the client’s body executed the stance or movement.  The results are provided for 3 planes of motion – frontal (side to side), sagittal (front to back) and transverse (rotation) – for each of the major joints.

How are the results measured?

Posture is graded against a plumb line that starts forward of the ankle joint.  Balance are measured on a scale out of 100 for each joint and are used as a baseline to track progress.  Range of Motion are measured against AMA (American Medical Association) standards.  KAMS (Kinetisense Advance Movement Screen) are measured against AMA standards, with the exception of the Single Leg Vertical Leap, which is measured against NCAA standards for males and females.

How do I sign-up?

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