3D Motion Capture

Software Assessments

Body Course Fitness utilizes 3D Motion Capture Software by Kinetisense.  We offer Balance and Posture assessments as a stand-alone, in-person service at our space utilization partner’s site, 360 Fit Naperville, or on-site at various area businesses interested in this service. We provide valuable, objective results to any individual wanting to learn and understand more about how their body keeps them upright in a safe, efficient manner. Scoring is reviewed with and provided to the individual, what they do with that information is entirely their decision.  For our in-person Clients or those who want to learn more, there is a multitude of movement and range of motion screenings and modules, as well as, the BESS and SCAT5 concussion balance protocols.  We consider the scores of these tests as an objective, very visual baseline, and use them for our Clients to show progress or identify new issues that may arise as we work together, while still utilizing our Structural Assessment process for all in-person and virtual Clients. Why do we use both with our in-person Clients?  Because we design individual Corrective Exercise Programs for our Clients that require ongoing two-way communication, as well as, their ongoing understanding and commitment to their program for best results!

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