When you decide to train with us, what’s next?
After a Comprehensive Assessment, and you have decided to work with us, ½ hour or hourly Personal Training sessions based on the individual goals, focus on:
• Corrective Exercises to improve muscle balance (following The BioMechanics Method of self-myofascial release, stretching, strengthening)
• Lifestyle strategies to promote muscle balance improvement
• If currently exercising, we work together with the individual client to understand the impact on the Corrective Exercise program, and develop strategies to make sure current exercises promote better muscle balance
• If not currently exercising or would like to start exercising, we work with the individual client to determine the best way to proceed
What you can expect when you sign-up for Personal Training sessions with us:
• We develop programming based on how much time you will commit daily
o Daily is important because you are retraining your body to accept the new way of moving
o It also helps with developing the habit of exercising consistently
• We discuss strategies to keep you on track when “life intervenes” before they happen
• Our focus is on you for the entire session
• You will leave knowing exactly how to perform each exercise
o We will send your exercise instructions to you via email within 24 hours of your session
o If you need pictures, we will include those with the instructions
o If you have questions between sessions, you can text, email, or message us, and we will get you back on track
Sessions will always:
• Start with a review of how you have been since the last session
• Review your current exercises for form & status
• Implementation of progressions or regressions of exercises appropriate to where you are with your program
• Confirm all homework exercises for proper execution
• Discuss upcoming week & any potential challenges, and set next appointment
We are available for questions or short reviews between sessions to guide you in your journey to better self-awareness of how you move and keep your program moving forward! Your success is our greatest joy!

Take the next step on your path to a fit, healthy life.

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