Corrective Exercise

This is for everyone — from a non-exerciser to an elite athlete! Over time, we subject our bodies to movements and postures that are not optimal for us. We spend a lot of time sitting, have various stressors in our lives, perform a one-sided sport (golf, tennis), go all out on the weekend to make up for missed exercise during the week — among so many other daily life past and present situations. This takes a toll on our bodies because they must remain upright and will make any compensations necessary to do so — that is what they are built to do. This leads to less efficient ways of moving that begin to form a new reality in movement patterns — one that leads to various aches and pains, sometimes to the point of unbearable.

Following The Biomechanics Method for Corrective Exercise, we develop the program that is right for each client and their lifestyle to start the process of reconditioning and re-educating the muscles and structures affected by faulty movement patterns.

Take the next step on your path to a fit, healthy life.

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