What is the Structural Assessment process?
Our intake process includes a comprehensive assessment following a verbal, visual and physical assessment of the major joints of your body. This includes feet & ankles, knees, hips & lower back, shoulders & upper back, and the head & neck. We cover past injuries, surgeries, aches & pains, along with how you spend the majority of your day, stress levels, exercise habits, leisure activities, and so much more – it always turns into an illuminating conversation! This can be done in-person at 360 Fit Naperville or virtually.
• Takes 1 hour:
• You will learn a lot about yourself, such as:
o How your lifestyle contributes to the state of your joints
o What your optimal posture feels like versus how you currently stand
o Simple strategies to help you move toward better movement & posture
While we will discuss programs we offer to move forward training with us, there is no obligation to sign-up for sessions with us, and we will email a summary within 48 Business Hours after completion of the session. The next step is entirely your decision!

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