Structural Assessment for Muscle Imbalances

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Coming at this from a non-exerciser perspective, the thought of having someone assess you for muscle imbalances sounds not just intimidating, but also uncomfortable, pointless, and maybe ridiculous. From the perspective of someone who works out regularly, the same view may apply, coupled with thoughts that they should already know this and, as some might say, so many other possible thoughts that you can’t possibly come up with what an individual may be thinking. So, maybe some more explanation, coupled with real-life examples that apply to all of us, is in order!

A very simplified anatomy lesson first, to provide a basic overview of how our musculoskeletal system stays together and is connected. Bones are connected at joints by ligaments. Muscles are connected to bones via tendons. Fascia keeps it all in place.

Muscle imbalances can occur with muscles front versus back of the body (think front thigh muscles and back thigh muscles) or left versus right side of the body (think left arm and right arm). If you think of this in everyday life examples, you can better understand why we all have them:

• Sitting a lot – at a desk, driving, on the couch watching tv – this puts the front of our hips in a shortened muscle position and the rear hips in a lengthened position
• Arms in a forward, bent position a lot – looking at our phones, checking social media, typing at our computers, driving – this puts our head in a forward position, our neck and shoulders into a rounded position, and our arms into an internally rotated position – putting the front of our necks, chest, arms, shoulders and stomach muscles in a shortened state and the back of our neck, arms, shoulders, and upper back into a lengthened state

Think about the amount of time you spend in those positions on a daily basis and how the muscles connect to bones and bones are connected by joints and fascia holds the muscles, joints & bones in their appropriate places. We help you understand the impact this could have on your body or maybe already is having on your body through aches and pains you have taken for granted. Then we develop a plan for you, based on your goals, assessment results, and the time you can commit to on a regular basis to execute that plan, in the many hours you are not exercising with us.

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